Kiss the cook: Why renting a Villa in Mallorca?

March 24, 2017
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One of the main pleasures of being on holidays in Mallorca consists in enjoying their local food. This is another reason why we should rent a holiday villa in Mallorca, with its own kitchen.


You can enjoy local food everywhere NOT only in restaurants.

When travelling to Mallorca, we should not forget that Spain is known by its food variety and quality. Cooking our own food will give you the perfect opportunity to go to the market and find many stands where to find fresh fruits, local vegetables and any type of fish and meat.

For those too lazy to cook, do not forget the wide range of cheese; for example Menorcan cheese and cold meat: camaiot, botifarró, sobrassada, etc. With those ingredients and some bread, tomato and olive oil, we can easily prepare the traditional Mallorcan pamboli.

Please do not forget a good local wine to join this delicious food.


Live amazing moments in the kitchen from your villa in Mallorca

Your holiday house in Mallorca will be an extension of your home. People live many special moments in their kitchens: having these amazing conversations with your friends and family while you prepare food. Talking about gossip or making confessions while you stir the pan, frequently bursting into a contagious laugh with a glass in your hand, etc.

Moreover, in your villa in Mallorca you will be able to host a barbecue outdoors: enjoying the good weather and atmosphere with your friends. If you have a swimming pool, children will entertain themselves without being annoying until food is ready.


A kitchen for two

If you have chosen to travel to Mallorca as a romantic getaway, you can also prepare a romantic and custom dinner for your partner. As they say, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.


Being pragmatic

Your own kitchen will allow you to eat whenever you prefer during your holidays in Mallorca. Besides, if you have any food allergies or special needs, it will be easier to cook meals that don’t make you feel sick.

Moreover, you won’t have to sacrifice anything during your holidays in Mallorca. You can go to restaurants if you prefer, or even call a catering company or home delivery services that will allow you to eat in your house without doing anything.

Spend your holidays in Mallorca and bon appétit!


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