September 30, 2015
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There is no better compliment to a person's beauty than a painter’s interest in portraying it. Same goes for a location, more specifically for Mallorca, holding a greater number of artists than any other area of equal size. Every village on the island has always had a collection of extraordinary characters, from different areas and various nationalities, who have wanted to retire to the magic of this Mediterranean island.

Each of Mallorca’s landscapes has its own aesthetic; from the terraces of the Tramuntana, constructed by the Muslims to cultivate land where nature had not foreseen it, to the fields of Pla with its imposing dry stone walls, whose structures came from the need to liberate the land of so much stone.

The visitor’s attention is drawn to the variety of ways beauty can be expressed in a territory of 3,640 square kilometres. The most spectacular display takes place in the Serra de Tramuntana, a scenic jewel whose protection began approximately 120 years ago, when an eccentric member of the Hapsburg family began purchasing properties and turned it into a first order cultural-landscape heritage. Furthermore, visitors enjoy the idyllic, discreet beauty of the island’s interior area, with its gentle hills, villages, fields, windmills and historic estates.

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