Lanzarote: Eternal Spring

September 30, 2018
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It is always a good time to travel to Lanzarote since this fortunate island enjoys a privileged climate year-round. In August, the warmest time of the year, the temperature comes close to 30 degrees and during the toughest months of the winter, December and January, the temperature is around 14 degrees. An enviable climate, which explains why the tourists decide to spend their holiday in Lanzarote at any time of the year, without distinguishing between winter and summer.


Tropical dry climate

Famara beach

Lanzarote is good to take a dip at  any time. Unlike many other European destinations, the temperature of the water always maintains a comfortable temperature, which exceeds 20 degrees, reaching a maximum of 26 degrees. Its climate is more like the Bahamas than to that of Europe. This is also of vital importance if you have a swimming pool in your villa in Lanzarote, since you can enjoy it throughout the year and not just if we rent a villa in Lanzarote during the summer.

We emphasize on the word "dry". Since other tropical destinations are characterized by their periods of abundant rainfall. If you have decided to travel to Lanzarote, when you prepare your luggage there is no need to include an umbrella in the suitcase, because there is almost no days of rain on the island.

The island is also the perfect destination for watersports of wind, being the best month for it July. So if you like to practice sports such as sailing and windsurfing do not hasitate any longer and go ahead to book a villa in Lanzarote.


Much more than just a privileged climate

Volcan landscape Lanzarote

Lanzarote is not only wonderful climate. If you choose to travel to Lanzarote, you will soon discover landscapes that seem drawn from a movie of science fiction, a cuisine that will delight your palate, charming villages, cheerful and friendly people... and much, much more.

Worthy of mention is the landscapes of the island. Lanzarote is not only a destination with  postcard beaches. Due to the volcanic origin of the island, in Lanzarote you will find also some mountainous landscapes as Mars that might let you hesitate if you have been teleported to another planet. These large contrasts in such a concentrated geographical space give the island a great personality, what distinct definately Lanzarote from other tourist destinations that seem one casts of others.


Do you want to visit a destination which is unique and different? With good weather no matter the time of the year? So now it is time to plan your holiday in Lanzarote, and don't forget to search a villa in Lanzarote with a pool.


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