Living the art in Es Baluard

April 15, 2016
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Palma, even though it’s a small city, it has always been a very cosmopolitan one. 

Specially chosen as a place to reside, same as the rest of the island, by many artists seeking inspiration to create their works, Palma is always buzzing with the art that many decided to leave as a legacy. 

A good example is the modern and contemporary art refuge known as Es Baluard, of which we are going to learn the history of. 

Some historical information… 

The museum is situated at the perimeter of the old bastion of Sant Pere, part of the renaissance walled area that surrounded Palma back in the 19th Century, although, the construction of the defensive bastion dates back to the 16th Century. This happened when the old medieval defensive walls were remodeled, and so, the walls were built. 

The bastion of Sant Pere is of big dimensions and counts with a strategic location which led to the opportunity of installing on that same point, one of the most prestigious artillery schools in the old continent. 

Over the centuries, the bastion of Sant Pere has suffered different renovations, always being adapted to the usage and style of each period, but it wasn’t until the 18th Century when it was renovated so that the building would conserve the same aspect as it does nowadays.  

During the fifties of the last century, the bastion became private and with this came a fact that infuriated Palma’s citizens. The new owners tried to destroy the entire perimeter with calc bombs to be able to construct new residential buildings. Palma’s citizens did not stand idly by, managing to declare the bastion as a historical and artistic set, and this way have it rebuilt in 1965. The 30th of January of 2004, it was inaugurated as a public space belonging to the town hall in Palma with the name Museu de l’Art Modern i Contemporani de la ciutat de Palma. 

What will I be able to see 

The museum counts with permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, which we recommend you to check on their website, as it includes extensive information concerning the artists involved. We consider it to be of great interest to know a little something about the artists before visiting the museum. 

These days you can visit: 

- WasteLands. It’s the work of ten artists from countries like Afghanistan, Egypt, Israel and Palestine, which tackle the urban scenery in countries tremendously hit by destruction, poverty, wars and violence. An honest look to a reality narrated from 10 different points of view, all full of emotion. 

What: Modern and Contemporary Art Museum of Palma.

When: from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 8pm; Sundays from 10am to 3pm. Monday closed. 

How much: 6 euros.

Where: Plaza Porta de Santa Catalina 10, Palma 07012. 

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