January 21, 2016
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One of the most special and magical places in Mallorca is certainly the Sanctuary of Lluc. Located in the municipality of Escorca, at about 400 metres above sea level in the Sierra de Tramuntana, is considered a sacred place of pilgrimage.

Many locals go to the monastery to worship the Virgin of Lluc. One of the most crowded events in Mallorca is the pilgrimage from Marxa des Güell to Lluc a Peu, in which more than 50,000 people from the city of Palma walk up to the monastery. The Sanctuary of Lluc also has a botanical garden with a large variety of indigenous plants and wild spices.

According to legend a monk and a shepherd found the image of the Virgin of Lluc on a rocky area along the stream that runs behind, what is now the Sacristy of the Shrine. That same day, it was transformed into a chapel, Sant Pere d'Escorca (San Pedro of Escorca), the parish seat. The next day the inhabitants of the region came to venerate, but it had disappeared and was found again near the place where it was first discovered in the stream. This happened twice, so the locals built a small chapel to venerate the image.

As a sacred place, the origin of Lluc Monastery dates back to the Bronze Age and Iron, given the number of objects found in the area and its vicinity. There is also evidence of several prehistoric caves in the vicinity known as Ses Cometes des Morts where human remains were found in wooden coffins of which can still be seen in the museum of the monastery.

Visitors and residents say that it is the best mountain for goats to eats and has the best drinking water in Mallorca. You will find options for all tastes and budgets at places like Des  de  Domer  de  Fiambrera, to prepare a massive paella in the 'Recreation Area of ca s'Amitger or Acolliment del Centenari, or simply eat a la carte menu in any restaurant. Especially if it is on the way to the shrine.

Lluc stores are very simple and feature and include a souvenir shop and a bakery for camping and hiking.

Lluc is an ideal place to discover the essence of Mallorca. Do not miss the chance to visit.

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