December 18, 2015
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The gastronomic environment in Majorca enjoys very good health, thanks to the talent of new, young and talented chefs, the island has become a real gourmet paradise. Today seven restaurants have been awarded the prized Michelin stars. With innovative dishes and a few restaurants located in the best areas, it can be said that Majorca is an ideal destination for lovers of fine cuisine.

Here we have a selection of the most sought-after restaurants on the island:


Located in the Castell of Claret, Calvia, this spectacular restaurant run by chef Fernando Pérez Arellano is one of the most well-known restaurants. Among its dishes, are two exceptionally tasting menus, an impeccable wine list and a cart of great cheeses.


Marc Fosh is a British chef based in Palma de Mallorca. Simply Fosh restaurant is located in a former convent, renovated and transformed into the Hotel is Convent de la Missió. FOSH prepares his dishes with fresh ingredients and Majorcan productswith lifelong recipesand delicious delicacies. A couple of their most popular dishes are the chocolate truffles with olive oil and Fleur de Sel, a true luxury for the palate.


EsFum is a restaurant located in the hotel St Regis Mardavall Mallorca, in the luxurious Costa d'enBlanes (Calviá). Its chef is Rafael Sánchez who has a Michelin star. The tasting menus are a culinary experience. The service is very professional and its spectacular wine list, plenty of reasons to be visited.


The award-winning chef Macarena of Castro and his brother Daniel manage RestauranteJardin in Alcudia. With a friendly atmosphere and impeccable decoration. Castro adds his personal stamp to the Majorcan dishes. In the restaurant you can taste from two creative menus and a good wine list.

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