Luxury stays in Majorca

September 05, 2017
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When you are planning your trip to Majorca an important thing to take into account is to choose where to stay. Although, traditionally the classic option was to choose a hotel, with time the option to rent a villa in Majorca has become, obviously, more and more popular.


There’s nothing better than a holiday home in Majorca

As mentioned before, the hotel has stopped being the best way to stay on the island, especially if you are looking for exclusivity. No matter how luxurious the hotel is, it will never offer the same privacy a luxury villa in Majorca provides.

On the one hand, no matter how exclusive the hotel is, in the end you have to share it with the rest of the guests. Therefore, all common areas will not be exclusive: lounges, restaurant, swimming pool, etc. Instead, if you decide to spend your holidays in a villa in Majorca, you and your people (family, friends ...) will have the whole villa to enjoy at your whim. Children can play in the pool or in the garden without having to worry that they can disturb other people. Adults will be able to set up a barbecue with all the space for them. A villa will free you from the stress that hotels can cause you.

The location is another of the advantages of holiday homes over hotels. Majorca is very special and a different place in many ways; one of them is the location of our accommodation. Normally, when you travel, you usually look for central places to stay, so you can do sightseeing and avoid the big trips. The peculiarity of Majorca is that "everything is close", due to the size of the island, it does not require much time to move from one area of the island to another. You can seek to stay in not-so-crowded areas and rent a villa in the middle of nature, in a quiet and relaxed environment.


From your home to your other home

Another bad thing of the hotels is the inconvenience of feeling observed. You don't feel quietly when walking around your house. That feeling of comfort ─which is lost in a hotel─ is provided to you by a vacation home. The villa will become your home away from home, a second home where you can do whatever you want when you feel like it. No schedules set up by the hotel to eat or to feel confined to a room. It's your house and it's adapted to you, not the other way around

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