Luxury vacations in Majorca

October 15, 2017
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The island displays an almost infinite range of possibilities to all those fortunate who have decided to travel to Majorca. Especially those looking to enjoy a luxury vacation without the need to be Russian millionaires.

The accommodation

The first and foremost point: a bad accommodation can ruin the best holiday in Majorca. Our recommendation, without any doubts, is to rent a villa in Majorca. To have your own holiday home in Majorca offers an exclusivity and freedom of movement that neither the best of hotels could.

Also, due to the size of the island, all is close, so you don't need to look for accommodation in the city centre.

You can also add that, in a villa in Majorca, you have your private swimming pool, your own fully equipped kitchen and a private garden; it is clear that renting a house in Majorca is by far the best way to stay on the island.

First Class restaurants

Good food lovers will not regret visiting Majorca. There are nine Michelin-stars restaurants; one has even won 16 consecutive years. Majorca is a sure bet when it comes to finding the best of the best in the world of restoration, with a diverse offer that goes from traditional to the most innovative and creative cuisine.

Wines deserve a separate mention, both white and red. In addition, visits to vineyards and wineries are organized so you can taste the varied local wine offer.


Marinas and beach Clubs

Majorca also has the most prestigious ports and beach clubs where you can rent a boat to enjoy its incredible turquoise-blue water coasts.

But it is not necessary to have a yacht to enjoy them; you can also enjoy having a drink or an amazing meal with a postcard view.


Leisure and nightlife

If something characterizes Majorca, apart from its beaches, it is its lively nightlife and diverse leisure offer. In Majorca the fun does not end at night, it increases.

Palma de Mallorca

The capital of Majorca deserves a separate mention. When you talk about Palma you speak of a cosmopolitan city, bustling and at the forefront of all tendencies. In Palma you will be able to find the most exclusive shops, the most modern establishments and, basically, anything that you can think of.


If you want a luxury vacation, Majorca is number one on the list.


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