Majorca by bike: Discover the island pedaling

February 15, 2019
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Perhaps it may surprise those outside the practice of cycling, but a lot of lovers of this sport choose to travel to Majorca to enjoy it in all its splendor.


The peculiar orography of the island

As it is known by all those who decide to spend their holidays in Majorca, the island has a little of everything, and precisely this makes it have in such high esteem by the cyclists. In Majorca, cyclists have a multitude of routes, of all kinds, perfectly conceived for the practice of this sport. For those who are looking for more placid routes, they can enjoy a plane ride along the coast while enjoying breathtaking views even if you are still.

But, for those who have not come to the island simply to spend most of the day lying on the beach or in the pool of their villa in Majorca, the island also puts at your disposal a challenge: the Sierra de Tramontana. Those who decide to accept the challenge will rise to more than 2,500 m with an average slope of 6%.

Apart from the orography, we should not forget perhaps the other capital reason why Majorca is a destination so valued by cyclists: its climate. During most of the year the weather on the island is dry and sunny, which makes it very easy to practice this sport.

A different way to discover Majorca

In addition to the sporting spirit, the practice of this sport will allow cyclists the opportunity to know a different Majorca. Since many of the routes pass by castles, monasteries, lighthouses and other places of interest, many times by secondary roads or rural roads that are not intended to access by car. This, although the first does not seem so important, given the usual overcrowding of the island, is of paramount importance. On such a touristy island, especially during the summer months, any way to get a little privacy and calm is worth its weight in gold. That’s why we don’t get tired of recommending the option of renting a holiday home in Majorca; As it is the only way to enjoy some privacy and tranquility during your stay on the island.


Of course the island is equally enjoyable without practicing any sport. But certainly Majorca and cycling form a perfect binomial that explains why, every year, thousands and thousands of cyclists choose to travel to Majorca.


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