Majorca: a luxury for the palate

November 30, 2017
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Many of the most renowned chefs worldwide are currently in Spain, which has placed the Spanish gastronomy among one of the most valued. Majorca, as part of Spain, is not foreign to that status so, enjoying a fantastic cuisine can be another reason to decide to spend a holiday in Majorca.


365 days of the year

Incentives such as beaches and good weather are one of the main reasons to decide to travel to Majorca. Although the good weather on the beach is very frequent on the island, it is something that unfortunately cannot be enjoyed throughout the year. However, good food is a pleasure that you will be able to enjoy at any time of the year; many times, winter time increases the desire for a good meal, without the regrets you usually have during summer.


Match your villa in Majorca

A great advantage of having your own summer house in Majorca is to have your own kitchen and even a barbecue in the garden. You can afford to make a banquet by cooking dishes from the incredible raw material offered by the markets of Majorca. In those markets you can buy high quality sausages, fish, vegetables, meats and fruits to elaborate the most delicious dishes. Also, if you prefer to cook less, you will have at your fingertips luxury catering services that will bring to your table the best delicacies without having to make any effort. After all, holidays are meant to be relaxed and you can do what you want, forgetting the obligations.


In Majorca you will also have the best and most exclusive restaurants with a diverse gastronomic offer. Not only restaurants, but throughout the year around the island parties and events are held where food is one of the main attractions. Among them TaPalma, a gastronomic festival held during the month of October in the capital, Palma, specialized in tapas. Tapas are a typical Spanish starter, which, over the years, has been debugging to become an art. During this festival you will have the opportunity to enjoy, in more than 40 establishments, of all kinds of tapas, from the most traditional to the most modern creations.


Come to Majorca, your stomach will thank you.


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