January 07, 2016
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Olive oil is referred to in some countries as "liquid gold". Taste, quality and exclusivity make this product one of the most sought-after by lovers of gastronomy.

In Mallorca you can boast of having one of the best olive oils in the world. Olive production is reduced, due to the geographical features of the island, irregular rainfall, soils, and above all the old age of Mallorcan olive trees produce excellent quality oil.

The olive cultivation, processing and consumption of olive oil have a great tradition and history on the island. Indeed, it appears that they were Phoenicians or Greeks who introduced the cultivation of the olive tree in Mallorca from the peninsula. Later, the Romans developed its cultivation and Muslims improved removal procedures. Today, we must distinguish two types of processing: one traditional and, another, more current, called continuous extraction system. The traditional system, over the years, incorporated specific technological improvements ranging from animal force by an engine replacement, change of voluminous presses of beam for the mechanics and the hydraulics, much more effective. However, the definite change and improvement in how to make oil, which has led to obtaining a virgin olive oil of excellent quality, is quite recent.

In 2002 the Denomination of origin oil of Majorca was approved, a denomination that sets a virgin olive oil of extra quality, produced from the varieties empeltre, arbequina and picual. A well deserved recognition which is intended to highlight the uniqueness of the Mallorcan olive oil.

In all the houses and restaurants you can taste the two varieties of oil that are produced in Mallorca: the fruity and sweet. The first, made with healthy green olives, is a bitter and spicy oil between a yellow and green colour. The second, which is obtained from more mature olives, becomes a mild liquid, with a colour between the straw-yellow to yellow gold.

If you live in Majorca or spend long periods here, indulge yourself in the gastronomy and try the Majorcan olive oil. A unique experience and very healthy that will awaken all your senses.

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