Mallorca with a dog: beaches

April 29, 2016
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If you won’t leave your pet at the kennels during your holidays and your destination is Mallorca you are lucky. Slowly, but more every time, the town halls in Spain are being aware that the coexistence in public areas between people and dogs isn’t a chimera, but something perfectly possible and with which everybody wins. Also hotel companies have found out that they are actually losing a percentage of tourism because they haven’t adapted to the conditions that having pets require. This way we can see how year after year novelties are being included that cheer up the vacations of those who don’t want to leave their furry friends behind.

Mallorca, uno de los destinos más deseados entre el turismo europeo, ha empezado a formar a parte de este proceso de integración de los animales de compañía y ofrece lugares a los que podrás ir acompañado de tu perro sin que nadie pueda decirte nada. Desde bares y hoteles hasta playas y comercios. Ir acompañado de tu compañero peludo no resultará un problema en determinados lugares de Mallorca. Hoy te proponemos una jornada de sol y playa para que disfrutéis de lo lindo.

Mallorca, one of the most wanted destinations between European tourists, has started to be a part of this process in which pets are being integrated. It offers places that you can visit with your dog without getting any complaints. From bars and hotels to beaches and businesses. To be accompanied by your furry friend won’t be a problem in certain places in Mallorca. Today we recommend a sunny beach day so you can really enjoy.

Beaches where dogs are allowed

During 2013 an experiment was performed around the coast of Palma for dogs to be able to enjoy the benefits of the beach. The experience was positive, though there are always some detractors due to uncivil owners. As a result of this experience the dogs have a magnificent sandy area where they can rest under the sun and some incredible beaches where they can go for a swim during the warmest days of the summer.

The exact delimited area that the dogs are allowed to swim in is the stretch that goes through El Peñón, Cala Gamba, Cala Pudent, through Es Carnatge and El Clot d’en Bernadet up to Puro Beach. Also, there are other places outside of Palma where dogs are welcome. For example, inside Artá, located at the Northeast of the island, there are up to 14 beaches where you can enjoy a day at the beach with your pet. However, please note that in some of those beaches the free access for dogs is only allowed during the low season. You can check every beach rules in Arta’s town hall website.

The municipal area of Andratx has also added special areas for dogs to swim, though we must say that most of them can only be used during the low season and the beginning of the high season. The exception is Cala Blanca, a virgin beach with with lots of vegetation which dogs can enjoy during the entire year.

The Llenaire beach, in the Port of Pollença, has also added to this initiative and allows dogs to swim during the entire year. So if you are planning on visiting this calm island and you are planning of doing it next to your dog, you must know that there are special areas where you can both enjoy unspoilt nature.

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