In Mallorca rain is also art (1/2)

January 26, 2017
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What to do if it rains during our trip in Mallorca?

Although it is unusual, sometimes it also rains in Mallorca. You do not have to worry, the rain won’t ruin your holidays in Mallorca, and even it can improve them with a unique spectacle.


Plans for a rainy day

You will always be able to enjoy your villa in Mallorca of course. It is one of the perks of renting a holiday villa instead of a hotel room. You cannot even compare the sensation to enjoy a roomy villa in Mallorca to spending your day locked in a tiny hotel room.


‘Es Salt des Freu’

If it has rained during your holidays in Mallorca, it is a good opportunity to visit this waterfall, because the torrent will be larger days after the rain.

The waterfall of “Es Salt des Freu” is located in the Orient valley in the Serra de Tramontana. It is one of the most impressive natural locations of the island known better by the Mallorcan people than tourists. It is 25 km away from Palma and 50 km away from Alcúdia and Pollença. In Mallorca everything is close to your holiday villa.


Plan your trip to Es Salt des Freu

It is recommended to leave your villa in Mallorca early in the morning. Although it is relatively unknown, the waterfall can be crowded during the day.

Even if it is a country trip, it has a good accessible entry. There is a car park at the entrance, though, if there are tourists, it can be complete. That is one of the main reasons we recommend to leave your holiday house early.

Once there, the access to the waterfall is pretty easy. It is the perfect trip to do with children, although we do not recommend going with prams. During winter is better to go with boots and warm clothes due to the humidity in the area. Another good idea is to bring a change of clothes.

To go to the cascade we will have to follow a path that lasts about 20 minutes. You have to cross the Orient’s torrent ─in Mallorca there are no rivers─ which is not very deep and can be crossed going through the rocks. If you are not a skilled person, it is better to bring some kind of walking stick.

If it has rained recently, the cascades and the big waterfall of “Es Salt des Freu”, 400 meters high, look outstanding. A must-to-do during your holidays in Mallorca.


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