In Mallorca rain is also art (2/2)

February 15, 2017
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As we have said before, the waterfall of “Es Salt des Freu” is a perfect trip to do from our rental house in Mallorca ─especially if it has been raining for some days─ during our holidays in Mallorca.


Nature, but also man’s footprint

During this trip from our villa in Mallorca, besides cascades and the big waterfall, you can also enjoy some countryside architecture. Around this area there was a coal merchant route. During your way to “Es Salt des Freu” you will be able to observe many instances of the Dry Stone technique like water tanks, troughs, walls and the ruins of des Freu’s houses ─small stone cabins─. The Dry Stone, a traditional technique in Mallorca, is about building stone walls without using any kind of cement or mortar.

Another perk of renting a holiday house in Mallorca is that it will be easier to find Dry Stone constructions than living in a hotel in the city. That’s something to have in mind, if you choose to travel to Mallorca.


The Son Pou Avenc cave

During your route around this area, we recommend you to visit this natural cave. The Son Pou Avenc cave is located ─as indicated by its name─ in the Son Pou estate. The cave is big and has an easy access, so it has become a mandatory visit to hikers that go across the area.


Everything for everyone

If you choose to travel to Mallorca, we recommend you “Es Salt des Freu” because it has something for everyone.

If you travel with children, you can enjoy an outdoor day with them. A day in which they will have fun crossing torrents, ─reason why we recommend using boots and bring a change of clothes─. Moreover, after so much exercise, you will need a much deserved small picnic, to recover, that you can set anywhere you want.

Adults will also enjoy the beauty of the view and can do different types of physical exercise. From something quiet like hiking to more risky activities like canyoning, the waterfall is a perfect place to practice climbing.

Enjoy your holiday villa in Mallorca or visit “Es Salt des Freu”. Do not let the rain ruin your holidays in Mallorca.


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