June 03, 2015
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“Frit” is a very typical Mallorcan dish that has several varieties; it can be made with fried pork innards from the traditional slaughter feast, from lamb at Easter, or with fish. It can also be made solely with vegetarian ingredients.

It’s origin is believed to be Sephardic, as it holds similarities with the Sephardic-Jewish and Arabic gastronomy.


• 1 kg potatoes

• lamb or pork innards

• 1 onion

• 2 small chilli peppers

• 1/2 kg green peppers

• fennel

• 1 head of garlic

• 2 bay leaves


Fry the potatoes in small cubes and in olive oil and set aside, preferably in a shallow clay pot. Fry the innards with the hot peppers, laurel and garlic. Then fry separately the peppers with the spring onions and fennel. Mix all the ingredients in the clay pot after draining the oil.

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