August 29, 2015
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The island of Mallorca is not only rich in spectacular scenery, culture, history and cuisine, it also offers a fascinating tradition of artisanal jewellery.

The botón mallorquín (Mallorcan button) is among a Mallorcan woman’s most prized pieces. Originally, it buttoned a shirt known as gipó, part of a traditional folk costume. Its rounded shape is ideal for it to be turned into different types of jewellery, mostly earrings and rings.

The Mallorcan cross is another essential piece in any Mallorcan jewellery box. Made from gold or silver, it is also popularly known as Cruz de Calatrava (Calatrava Cross). The first ones we know of date back to the 17th century and it was often used as decoration on brass knobs in traditional Majorcan houses.

We would also like to highlight the Anillo de tumbaga (tumbaga ring), a Majorcan traditional wedding ring. Tumbaga is one of the oldest pieces in Mallorcan jewellery. The goldsmith Xisco Clapés is one of the few skilled in the technique of making this ring, which came into use during the Renaissance and has almost disappeared.

Come and enjoy your holiday in one of our villas in Mallorca; you can take the opportunity to visit one of the traditional jewelleries in the northern Mallorcan coast and learn more about these small treasures.

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