July 28, 2015
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In addition to its undeniable scenic beauty, the Mediterranean island of Mallorca offers an interesting set of traditions and customs (social, culinary, cultural...) that have been preserved thanks to its  insular idiosyncrasy and a deep pride in its background.

Popular dancing is one of the cultural and traditional aspects we would like to highlight. In summer (when the celebrations and festivals of all of the Mallorca’s towns are held), it is common to find dance groups in villages, neighbourhoods and cities, professional or amateur, as well as those who join the dancers to participate in the festivity.

The most popular dances in Mallorca are:

The Mallorcan bolero, a harmonious and joyful dance accompanied by string instruments.

The Valldemossan parado, a cheerful but solemn dance.

The fandango, which has fallen into disuse and is only danced at private parties.

The jota, very upbeat and similar to the version from Aragón; it is danced in every festivity.

The mateixa, one of the most characteristic and with the oldest tradition. It is similar to the jota and is accompanied by a bagpipe, tambourine and flute.

The copeo is the most typical Mallorcan dance. It is danced mostly during the carnival season and the pig slaughter.

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