September 24, 2015
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Two days a week, Tuesdays and Sundays, vendors from across the island gather in Alcudia. Fruits, vegetables, clothing, footwear, handicrafts, leather, jewellery, flowers and plants make the market a colourful and lively place. You can also walk around the city of Alcudia any day of the week and throughout the year, you'll find shops for all tastes: clothing, footwear, leather, handicrafts, press, bakeries (where you can buy the famous ensaimadas), etc.

The Alcudia Fair is held on the first weekend of October. The streets are turned into a market for industrial, commercial, craft, agricultural and livestock exhibition. During the fair, a series of cultural events also take place, such as demonstrations of traditional Mallorcan dancing, and "L'Estol del Rei En Jaume", a performance by huge-headed fantastic characters that represent the historical tradition of Mallorca, while parading through the city.

Alcudia's most traditional festivities are:

SANT ANTONI AND SANT SEBASTIÀ: On the 17ᵗʰ and 20ᵗʰ of January, respectively, these two saints are celebrated with bonfires in Alcudia's streets. These festivities mix religion with pagan tradition and mark the winter solstice.

SANT PERE: The 29ᵗʰ of June is the celebration of Sant Pere, patron saint of sailors. A maritime procession is held, where boats accompany the image of their patron saint along the bay.

MARE DE DÉU DE LA VICTÒRIA: The 1ˢᵗ and 2ⁿᵈ of July are the celebrations of the Mare de Déu de la Victòria. On the eve, the city enjoys traditional dances and music by the Municipal Band.

SANT JAUME: Alcudia's patron saint is celebrated on the 25ᵗʰ oh July. The festivities last one week, with events like concerts, festivals, theatre, exhibitions...

LES LLANTERNES: This celebration is held on the night 24ᵗʰ of August. Alcudia's little ones walk along the streets with lanterns made of melons and watermelons, singing Mallorcan folk songs.

If you are staying in one of our villas, take the opportunuty of enjoying some of these festivities in Alcudia.


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