December 12, 2015
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Every autumn one of the most deeply rooted traditions comes to the island:  pig-killing or matances (in Catalan). In Majorcan cuisine, pork is the most important ingredient as it is used for sausages and all kinds of dishes.

The matances is a perfect excuse to gather the family and prepare all together a festive and gastronomic day. The most important part of the pig-killing is to participate and have fun. The ritual starts early in the morning, all participants are up early and ready for the matances.

It all begins with the death of the pig by the matarifes. With the pig blood a good frit de matances is prepared. Traditionally, the most skilled in the kitchen are those who make large amounts of this distinctive frit  whilst the matancery work on piecework. The  frit de matances is made using meat, liver and fresh blood with onion, peppers, tomato and spices: all well chopped, and as its name indicated, fried with olive oil.  Then, the next step in to peel the skin of the pig. Once this step in complete, the pig is hung with a hook before it is cut up. A major part of the meat is treated in order to make the famous sobrasada and all kinds of sausages or camaiot. Although it may seem like a difficult process. all this takes place in a festive atmosphere full of laughter and socializing .

At the end of the matances  a famous matanzas rice is prepared and all the participants are left to eat and enjoy a day where gastronomy and tradition meet. Fancy signing up?


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