The natural spectacle of Ses Fonts Ufanes

March 31, 2016
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Modern life is so fast moving that sometimes we don't even realize that spectacular things are happening in mother nature while we´re so busy that we can´t even plan our vacations. Today we suggest a nice, unique, wild, and very special tour that can only be enjoyed during certain times of the year. This visit has always attracted the attention of both tourists and residents who come every year. So whether you are visiting Mallorca or a resident, there is a natural phenomenon that you can´t miss. We will you to have an hour available, sporty shoes and a yearning to get lost in nature. In 2001 Ses Fonts Ufanes was declared a Protected Natural Monument of the Balearic Islands, the first of the region.

It is a natural source of water with intermittent outbreaks and a powerful and sudden flow that occurs after days of heavy rain. This is an important point, since there are visitors that make the trip and have not been able to find water for the simple reason that there was not any to be found. This visit has to be made when there has been a period of rain, so the winter season is the best time to walk through Ses Fonts. This phenomenon doesn´t occur anywhere else on the island and is considered a kind of miracle. Concretely, this treat tends to happen between four and seven times a year, depending on the accumulation of water in the solid Puig Tomir. So that you don´t miss out, we recommend that you contact the Environmental Information Point by phone (900 151 617) and ask about Ses Fonts Ufanes.

It´s an easy excursion which can be enjoyed by kids and pets considering it´s about a 20-30 minute climb on a path suitable even for baby strollers. It will remind you of a precious forest from a fairy tale in which Ses Fonts is hidden away.

Ses Fonts, born in a place inhabited by great oaks, can come to convey a flow up to 100,000 liters per second. This happens very quickly, one moment there will be nothing and suddenly water can be sprouting with a pressure of about one to three cubic meters. The oak wood we mentioned before is found within a typical Mallorcan farm named Gabellí. To get there, all you need to do is follow the instructions below:

It will take you about 35 minutes to reach the town of Campanet from the city of Palma (It´s about 43 km away from the city). You can get to Campanet by taking the  highway Inca-Alcúdia taking exit 37.  You will arrive to a roundabout, you must follow ¨Camí de na Potons¨. Once there, you´ll see the famous hermitage of San Miguel, and right to it you will find the entrance to the Gabellí farm, which is where we begin our trip to Ses Fonts Ufanes.

The information area is circular and approx. 3km away. In addition to comfortable shoes suitable for walking, we recommend rain boots if you plan on making the trip with little ones. They will enjoy jumping through the water sprouts. About 700 meters from the start of the trail you will find a haven of stone construction in which there is an exhibition with photographs and an audiovisual room with a narration of the history of Ses Fonts Ufanes.

Ses Fonts Ufanes can be visited from 10h to 17h every day of the week. We insist on the need to ask about the state of the water before embarking on the adventure.

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