S'Albufera is to migratory birds what the Palma de Mallorca airport is to tourists who travel by air. With 2,400 hectares, S'Albufera is the largest wetland in Mallorca and a must for bird lovers around the world. Every day, people armed with binoculars, reference books and infinite patience visit S'Albufera, where ornithologists have identified 196 bird species, a number that varies depending on the season, because this enclave serves as a bridge for the great North-South migrations.

At present, 40% of the island of Mallorca is protected territory. Among these protected areas is Spain first Land and Sea-based National Park, the archipelago of Cabrera and the small island of Dragonera. The archipelago of Cabrera is comprised by 19 islets with a total area of ​​ 10,021 hectares, and is well known among divers and archaeologists for a number of sunken ships. However, the largest surface area is the Tramuntana Mountain Range.

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