One day in... Palmanova

May 02, 2016
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Today we propose a plan for the whole day in which you will be able to enjoy a bunch of different sensations. There will be sun, beach, nice food and even a fun ride on a pedal boat. This is a perfect visit whatever your circumstances: it can be adapted to do with kids, with your partner, with friends, etc. Let’s say that it’s a polyvalent plan to which we can add or take off activities depending on your needs. Let’s get started!

1. A morning under the sun

Palmanova beach is of great dimensions and is divided in 2 different beaches separated by some low cliffs which can be accessed with some steps. Both beaches have a similar atmosphere. It is a touristic area and it’s a place where we could say that after 12:00 it becomes mission impossible to find a place to lay your towel even with the beaches being quite wide.

Even so, we recommend you to get up a bit earlier and make the best of the morning to get a nice tan and go for a swim in the calm and fresh water from Palmanova.

You will find lounger and parasol service, which can be very useful if you would like to stay longer than just the morning at the beach. There is also a pedal boat service, activity that we really recommend whether you have kids or not. It is very fun and it is a pleasure to get away from the cost on the pedal boat and look back while the sun is setting as well as having a swim several meters away from the beach. Kids really enjoy the pedal boats with racing car shapes and the ones with a slide. Adults can also use them, and they will enjoy it just as much, or even more!

For the most daring, the beach offers water sport activities in which is included a vertiginous ride on a mattress with sausage shape being pulled by a power boat. We cannot assure that you will manage to stay on it all the time, but we do assure you will have a good time.

2. A gastronomical break

We have already enjoyed the sun, the sea, the beach, the loungers and parasols and the water activities. It is now the moment to give your body some energy, and where better than in a restaurant where their rice plates are famous. Ciro’s is situated in front of the sea on the paseo maritimo of Palmanova. They serve Mediterranean food at a not very cheap price but in line with the quality served. Their terrace is a place that releases romanticism, and maybe, if you would like to have a special meal with your partner, you can swap lunch for a candle lit dinner on its terrace, with the waves crashing against the rocks as the background sound. We recommend the fish and seafood menu.

3. Afternoon at the mini golf

If you are accompanied by your family it is very possible that you continuously have to think about activities for the kids so they don’t get bored. Golf Fantasía can help in one of these situations. Though, as we have mentioned before, this plan can be done with anybody.

It is a very fun mini golf that is open every day from 10am till 6pm. To the holes!

4. Typical Mallorquin dinner

To finish the day, we propose Mesón Son Caliu, where you will be able to taste typical plates of the island’s gastronomy at very reasonable prices. The restaurant counts as well with a kid’s area in which children can enjoy and play while the adults are having dinner.

5. End to the day with a few drinks

If you are travelling without kids, it’s the moment to let the night begin. In the Paseo del Mar, you will find multiple bars where you can have a cocktail to start the night with. Also, around the same area there are pubs where you can dance and even karaokes where you will laugh nonstop. Our proposal ends here, what happens later is up to you.

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