Pa Amb Olis

December 02, 2019
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Pa amb olis literally means bread with oil. It is one of the most typical Mallorcan foods. It is not a complicated dish to prepare and its most important feature is the quality of the product used.


However, it’s not just any bread or just any oil. It is a food whose origin dates back to the village farmers of Mallorca, where they combined a loaf of bread with oil and locally produced sausages or cold cuts produced from the Matanzas Mallorquinas (Mallorcan Slaughterings). An old custom with the aim of having meat available all year round.

Pa Amb Olis Recipe

The basic ingredient needs to be peasant farmer’s bread. The use of the local salt provides a particularly Mediterranean flavour; the tomatoes should be of the ramillet variety (an island specialty) and the oil, undoubtedly, pure olive.

Pa amb olis Mallorca

Once we have the base, we can prepare countless variations: choose to toast the bread, place the tomato in slices rather than cutting it in half and rubbing it on the bread (the traditional way), add garlic or peppers.

You can try as many pam amb olis variants as you wish: cold meats are the most common, as well as cheese, preferably also of local origin. Another extraordinarily delicious option is adding smoked fish (salmon, cod, etc.). We also recommend combining it with olives or pickled vegetables... Or as an appetizer or side dish.

Pa amb oli tomato

If you prefer to try the pa amb olis prepared by the Mallorcains, there are many bars and restaurants on the island where you can try this simple but exquisite island delicacy.

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