Palma de Mallorca seen from another perspective

August 30, 2017
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If you decide to travel to Majorca, you will surely go to Palma. But in the unlikely event that you don’t, you should book a day, at the very least, to visit it from your villa in Majorca.


Palma, a cosmopolitan city

Palma de Mallorca is the capital of the Balearic Islands and the most modern and cosmopolitan city of the islands, so it is one of the favorite places to enjoy a holiday in Majorca.

In Palma, you will find shops with the best brands, luxury restaurants with an incredible variety of gastronomy, exclusive night clubs to enjoy the night to the fullest, a great cultural offer, etc. This is why it is mandatory to leave your holiday home in Majorca for a day in the city.


Another view of the city

Apart from the most common options, then we present a couple of different possibilities that will give you the opportunity to see the city from a different point of view.


  1. Palma seen from the terraces of the cathedral

If you visit Majorca during the summer months, you should take the opportunity to climb to the roofs of the cathedral and contemplate the city with a bird's eye view. During these months you have the opportunity to book a guided visit by the terraces of the Cathedral of Palma in which, for an hour and after climbing its 215 steps, you will be able to discover the most hidden corners of the Cathedral, as well as to be captivated by contemplating the breathtaking views of the city.

  2. Palma seen from the water

Another option that many people do not consider is the possibility of renting a boat, either by motor or sailing. Palma is not seen the same way from land than from crossing its coast in a boat, avoiding the overcrowded beaches in the summer. Another advantage of renting a boat is that you can sunbathe, swim, scuba dive, fish, etc. in a quieter area than those visited by the many tourists who visit the city. In a crowded city ─especially during the summer months─ to be able to enjoy your exclusive crystalline sea area, without anyone bothering you, is a real luxury.


But, even if you see Palma from a more common perspective, don't forget to see it. Palma de Mallorca is beautiful from any point of view.


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