Palma Aquarium

January 04, 2018
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For many, Majorca is one of the best destinations when it comes to enjoying the holidays and, therefore, every year the island is filled with tourists who decide to travel to Majorca. Its capital, Palma, is a cosmopolitan city that has everything for everyone. This diverse offer makes Palma a must-see during your holiday in Majorca.
Then, among the varied offer of Palma, we will focus on the aquarium. A visit, especially if you travel with children, will leave you a precious souvenir.

Palma’s Aquarium
Palma Aquarium is located next to Palma Beach. If you have rented your villa in Majorca in another area of the island do not worry, in Majorca everything is close.
This modern facility, inaugurated in 2007, has 55 aquariums containing more than 700 species from the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans and, of course, from the Mediterranean Sea.
The tour of the Palma Aquarium is conceived as a journey around the world's various seabeds. In which you will be able to travel the tropical seas, the Mediterranean Sea and the Great Blue, the deepest aquarium of sharks in all Europe.

Sail among Sharks in Palma Aquarium
The Aquarium offers you the possibility to enjoy and to see, in a boat with the transparent floor, how more than a dozen sharks swim and interact in a tank of 33 x 25 meters.
For the bravest, the aquarium offers you the possibility to dive with sharks with a Palma Aquarium instructor.

Live the experience on the other side of the glass of the Palma Aquarium
If you don't just want to limit yourself to seeing it, the Aquarium also offers you the opportunity to dive between eagle and parsnips rays. Also, if your children are over 8 years old, they can enjoy the experience as well.
For children over 3 years old, the aquarium also offers the option of snorkelling in the shallowest part of the aquarium. Of course, these activities can only be done during the summer season.

Palma Aquarium: better with children
The experience can be enjoyed at any age, but most of the youngest will have a great time during this visit.
In addition to the snorkelling and scuba diving options, the Aquarium offers many entertainment activities, such as pets that will welcome children to the park in the morning. Other activities offered by the park are: Balloon Wars on a pirate ship, games in the gardens and, during the holidays, workshops and special activities are organized


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