February 05, 2016
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Palma is the capital of Mallorca, located southwest of the island with a population of about 400,000 residents.

It is recommended to visit the city by foot or use public transportation as driving around town is a little confusing and parking can be a bit expensive.

The Palma Cathedral is better known by locals as "La Seu". It was built in 1229 after King James I conquered the island for the Crown of Aragon. Its architectural style is Gothic and it is said to be the only cathedral that is reflected in the sea. It was built with Roman walls that surround the city that were built to protect it. It is one of the oldest and one of the few left Gothic architectural styles in a circular structure in Europe.

If you go into La Seu, during certain times of the year you will see the spectacle of the number eight. This phenomenon only occurs twice a year and occurs when sunlight is reflected in the enormous rosette and in turn reflected on the wall directly opposite forming a light reflection in form of another rosette further down, forming the number eight.

Just below the cathedral is the park, Parque del Mar, which has an artificial lake located on the right.

Just 3km from the center you can visit the Bellver Castle. Situated atop a hill and surrounded by natural surroundings one can appreciate the city of Palma, where you can take fabulous pictures which can be used for postcards as a souvenir.

On your visit to the Majorcan capital take a stroll through the most emblematic streets of the city such as the Plaza de España, Olmos Street and other well known places such as the Plaza de la Reina or the Huerta del Rey.

Another option is to pass through the old historical town, where you can go to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento ("Cort" in Mallorquin) and Plaça de Santa Eulalia where you can wander through the ancient alleyways, some of which consist of noble and typical houses and courtyards that fill the area with charm, representative of Mallorcan medieval architecture.

While you’re there, stop by Can Joan of s'Aigo (C / Sans, No. 10), a vintage café (dating back to 1700) not to be missed. If it's summer, enjoy ice cream made from almonds or hazelnuts or its famous buns called ensaimadas or “cuartos”(a type of sweet bread). If it is winter you can still enjoy the same flavours, but instead of ice cream with hot chocolate.

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