Palma’s Fish market

June 27, 2017
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If you decide to travel to Majorca during your holidays, one mandatory visit is its capital, Palma. Before anything, we need to clarify that it is not an issue if the house you have rented in the island is not placed in Palma or its surroundings. On the contrary, it is an advantage if you decide to rent a villa in Majorca far from Palma; since, thanks to the size of the island, it will be very simple and quick to move from your house to the capital. In addition, by doing this, you will be more relaxed during your holidays in Majorca.


The capital

During your trip to Majorca, a zone that you should not miss is the historical neighbourhood of Palma. This is the area surrounding the Cathedral with its amazing buildings built in stone that bring you back to the past. In this area, one of the most outstanding buildings is The Fish market of Palma.


The Fish market’s neighbourhood

'A bit of everything with much luxury' could be the slogan of this neighbourhood and that’s why it is a mandatory stop when visiting Majorca.
You will be able to see some of the most beautiful constructions of the island, as the aforementioned Fish market.
But not only there is tradition and culture. The zone of the Fish market also harbours the heart of the night life of the city. You will be able to find many of the most chic places and restaurants of the whole island. There, you will be able to taste surprising plates and to have a drink while listening to jazz or a dj.

You can also enjoy this area during daylight. Crossing its beautiful alleys, you will find all kinds of luxury shops that will surprise you with the products they sell (garments from the most exclusive brands, decoration and antiques shops, art, etc.), as well as the elegant decoration of the shops, some business are real artworks on their own.

Moreover, when visiting the Fish market, you will be able to cross Palma’s beautiful seaside promenade, where you can find the most luxurious yachts. The promenade is full of terraces, built for you to have a drink while enjoying the gorgeous views.


The Fish market’s building

The Fish market of Palma was built in the 15th century to cover the needs of the merchants of that time. It is one of the architectural baroque jewels of the island.

It stands out architectonically for the contrast of straight lines with curves. It is a building of rectangular floor flanked by four octagonal towers that contrast with the curves of the big and ogival windows.
The interior ─formed by a cover with columns of spiral form─ often hosts art exhibitions, which makes it even more interesting.

As you see, the area of The Fish market is a place to get lost from the very first hours of the day until night falls. Have you already marked it in your map


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