The peaceful monastery of Lluc

April 25, 2016
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Today we propose an excursion to a place where rest and relax are assured. If you are a nature lover, and you love recondite places in which silence comes together with the singing of the birds, this is the perfcet excursion for you. We are talking about the Sanctuary of María de lluc, located in the municipality of Escorca, in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

At about 400m high, it is a pilgrimage place, in fact, the most known in the island, and it is of great religious importance as it is dedicated to the patroness of Mallorca, the Virgin of Lluc.

There is a beautiful mallorquin legend that justifies the location of the monastery that crowns this sanctuary. The legend tells the story of some shepherds that found an image of the Virgin of Lluc near a stream, and moved it to the nearest sanctuary, the one from Sant Pere d’Escorca. After a few days, they realized that the image of the Virgin was missing, only to find it just where they had first stumbled upon it. They moved it again and again but every time they did so, the same thing happened. Finally they decided to build a sanctuary on that same spot near the stream, as it seemed that’s where the Virgin wanted to be.

The name given to the sanctuary comes from the Latin Word Lucus, meaning Sacred Forest, which refers to the previous legend. It is the first Marian Shrine in the island and its construction (as indicated on the legend or not) dates back to the 13th century. It counts with many different areas that you can visit.

The basilica

The church that you can currently see in the Sanctuary of Lluc, is not the one that was built originally. This one dates back to the 17th century, specifically to 1622, and it is thought to have been built during 70 years. The style is Renaissance, and as most of the churches from this style, it is designed with a latin cross layout, and only one nave. We can highlight the three chapels that are located surrounding the nave, with a decoration that will impress art lovers. The biggest attraction of the church is the main altarpiece with an image of the Virgin Saint of María de Lluc, created by Jaume Blanquer.

This church received in 1707 the title of Royal Chapel and in 1962 that of Minor Basilica.

El monte del Rosario (Mount Rosario)

It’s a stone pathway that leads to a concourse which houses a big cross, from which one can gaze at unique views from the island. Beneath your feet the Sanctuary, the town of Escorca and a magnificent panoramic view of the Valley of Lluc. On the way up to the concourse, you will walk past a small cemetery and five beautiful art pieces that represent the mysteries of the Virgin of Rosario, made by famous sculptors from Mallorca, which counted with the collaboration of the great artist Antoni Gaudí.

The botanical garden

Extended by the big demand, this garden counts with more than 200 species of indigenous plants that create a peaceful and unmatched atmosphere. We can highlight the area with aromatic and medicinal plants, typical from the Mallorquin culture.

Opening Hours:

From Monday to Sunday from 10am till 1pm  and from 3pm till 6pm.

Price: The entrance is free with a voluntary collaboration.

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