August 19, 2015
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The Roman city of Pollentia is the Balearic Islands’ most valuable archaeological site, and in itself, a treasure of incalculable historical value.

During the Roman Empire and Republic, Pollentia was no less than the capital of the Balearic archipelago.

If you are on holiday in Mallorca and staying in one of our Sealand Villas, do not miss a visit to this wonderful corner where you can take a tour of the entire archaeological ensemble, composed of the residential area, the forum and the Roman Theatre. A visit to the Monographic Museum of Pollentia is also mandatory, with detailed information of what Pollentia meant to the historical development of the Balearic islands.

One of the most recent discoveries in this enigmatic place has taken place this summer. The archaeologists conducting the excavations uncovered the structure of the city’s food market, the so-called Macellum. It is known that this space was burnt down in the 4th century and experts are sure this progress in the excavations will provide much more information on how our ancestors lived more than 15 centuries ago.

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