September 23, 2015
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The town of Alcudia, situated by the sea and between the two bays, had to defend itself from the constant dangers of hostile landings, invasions and enemy raids.

James II, King of Mallorca, gave much importance to the fortification of Alcudia and in 1298 ordered the construction of an enclosure of walls, the works continued under his successors, Sanç I and James III, terminating in 1362 during the reign of Peter III, the Ceremonious.

With the evolution in armaments and the art of war, the first wall became ineffective and it was necessary to construct new walls outside the first enclosure. Philip II conceived the project. The works began during the reign of Philip III and where terminated in the year 1660 when Philip IV was ruling.

Restoration and illumination have restored the walls to their historic and monumental splendour.

Of the first enclosure of walls built in 1298, there remain Porta de Xara and Porta de Mallorca. Both have been declared National Monuments.

Of the second wall, there remains a very well conserved part, Bastió de Sant Ferran, which has the actual bull ring in its interior.

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