April 16, 2015
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If you want to discover the authentic Mediterranean essence, a mandatory visit is a small Majorcan fishing village called Porto Petro.

Although it has experienced a significant population growth in recent decades (in 1960 it only had 48 inhabitants compared to today’s 500), it maintains its natural charm and character.

Don’t hesitate to visit this lovely Majorcan spot near Cala d'Or, where you can also find some of our wonderful villas.

What’s to see in Porto Petro? Well... you’ll find a natural bay with several coves, a fishing port, a private marina and several highly recommended restaurants. Unlike other nearby tourist destinations, Porto Petro is not affected by the tourism season, so you'll find open bars and restaurants throughout the year.

Its beach, Caló de sa Torre, is not very wide, but well worth a visit to feel its white sand and crystal clear waters on your skin. This cove is formed by two other smaller ones, made of fine sand and with very little slope, and separated by low rocks.

Along the rocky coastline of this area, you’ll find numerous ladders that facilitate access to the water for a refreshing dip. Since it’s not very deep, its marine and underwater conditions are not favourable for anchoring large boats, which means that it is a virtually untouched area. We highly recommend you experience swimming to its deeper waters; it’s a real pleasure.

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