Pueblo Español: tour Spain without leaving Majorca

January 30, 2018
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Have you decided to travel to Majorca but you feel sorry about not knowing more about Spain? The “Pueblo Español” is the perfect solution for those who want to spend their holidays in Majorca without leaving the island and at the same time, as if by magic, to visit the rest of Spain.


What is the “Pueblo Español”?

The “Pueblo Español” is an open-air museum, with an extension of 6,365 m², reproducing various buildings, streets and squares representing various Spanish cities.

It is located in the Son Espanyolet district, in Palma de Mallorca, within walking distance of the city centre. So, if you decide to go to Palma from your villa in Majorca, it is a very easy visit to organize.


What can I find in the “Pueblo Español”?

The enclosure consists of 15 streets, 12 squares and 18 blocks of buildings built to scale: the third largest in the world.

In the “Pueblo Español” you can walk through replicas of:

The Arabic Baths: like those of the Jewish neighbourhood of Granada. The bathrooms were a place of socialization and hence the importance they had in their culture.

Court of the Myrtles: Replica of one of the most famous places of the Alhambra in Granada. The copy is so reliable that even the wall inscriptions are reproduced.

Christ of the Lanterns: reproduction of one of the most visited places of Cordoba. The image of Christ is shown flanked by eight lanterns, hence the name.

Barrio Andaluz: Walk through the typical Andalusian quarter of white and narrow streets full of charm.

Plaza de Santa María: In this square different architectural examples of various areas of the peninsula are concentrated: the facade and the tower of the Church of Santa Catalina in Valencia, the Church of Torralba de Riota in Zaragoza, the palace of the Diputació de Barcelona, the Palace of Munariz of Toledo and, in the centre of the square, a replica of the fountain of the Cathedral of Burgos.

Plaza Fray Luis de León: Here you will also find concentrated samples from different points of the north and the centre of Spain. Among them, the prison of Segovia in which the famous writer Lope de Vega was imprisoned.

Plaza Mayor: Reproduction of the typical Spanish square. It is a mixture of the main squares of Chinchón and Navalcarnero and the town hall of Vergara in Guipúzcoa.


And much more in the “Pueblo Español “

The “Pueblo Español” is also a place where exhibitions, workshops and congresses are often held.

Their Christmas market is mandatory. During Christmas the whole town is adorned with lights and decorative Christmas motifs. The streets are filled with food stalls, handcrafted products and boutique styles. People can get a dreamy atmosphere full of magic that is worth visiting.

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