Discover Puerto del Carmen - Part II

March 06, 2019
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In the previous part of the article we focused on the benefits of Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote, as an urban nucleus, part of the reason why in recent years it has become one of the main destinations when it comes to renting a villa in Lanzarote. Next we will talk about another fundamental reason why, every year, a large number of tourists who decide to travel to Lanzarote opt to stay in Puerto del Carmen: its beaches.


The coast of Puerto del Carmen

With its more than 6 km of coastline, we find ourselves before one of the strengths of the place. Such an extension of coastline offers a wide variety of beaches to choose from for tourists who have decided to spend their holidays in Lanzarote. Moreover, this sector of coast is peculiar with respect to others of the coast of Lanzarote, and is that it is quite collected from the wind, unlike other areas of the island, in which the wind tends to be much more combative. Thanks to the island’s exceptional climate, which lives in an eternal spring, the water temperature is pleasant throughout the year – undoubtedly they are fortunate islands.


Beaches for all tastes

As we have commented, Puerto del Carmen is left over beaches. Next we will focus on the three most important:


1. Playa Grande

His name leaves no room for equivocal -”Grande” means great. Located in the avenue of the beaches, zone with abundant offer of restoration and shops, it is the most centric beach, of easier access and equipped with more services and, for all this, the beach with more influx of tourists of all. It is also known as Playa Blanca. Although the locals prefer not to use this denomination to avoid confusion with the Playa Blanca Sur.

The beach is suitable for people with reduced mobility, even having amphibious chairs provided by the city Hall so that, the people who want, can enjoy the sea. It also offers other services such as showers, salvage, play area, sports area and service of hammocks and parasols.


2. Playa Chica

Maybe the star of all beaches. The peculiarity of this cove is that it is protected between extensions of lava, which gives a special tranquility to its waters. It also offers corners that arouse the interest of its swimmers like the ‘Cueva de las Gambas’ - what means the cave of the prawns.


3. Playa de los Pocillos

A beach that is characterized by its long expanse of golden sand. A windy beach, but of calm waters, ideal for the practice of windsurfing.


Besides these three, the area offers many others: Playa de Matagorda, Playa de Medio, El Barranquillo, La Peñita... We could go on and on, but the best thing is to rent a holiday home in Lanzarote and discover them all by yourself.


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