Puig de María, a different visit during your holidays in Majorca

August 15, 2017
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If you have decided to spend your holidays in Majorca and have rented a villa in Pollença, you should visit this mountain. Especially if you are one of those people who enjoy taking walks in the nature while enjoying a postcard view.


Puig María Route

There is an established and very popular route. This route is perfectly signposted: it starts in Pollença ─perfect to go from your villa in Majorca─ and it ends in the sanctuary of el Puig de María.

To reach the monastery you have to ascend about 300 meters high, which makes it an easy excursion and does not require being fit to finish it. The estimated time to complete the route is about 50 minutes. The only precaution to keep in mind is to wear proper footwear, as the last leg can be somewhat slippery.


Paved section of el Puig de María

Most of the road is paved, only the last part consists of a stone path that must be done by foot. During the paved part of the way, you can enjoy the wonders of nature, whether it is its flora like holm oaks, fig trees, etc., or its fauna like finches, Crossbills, etc. You will also find wonders made by men: ancient constructions built using the "dry stone" technique.


Stone Road

After a half hour walking, you will arrive to the 'Camí de Pedra' (Stone road), which leads to the monastery of the Puig de María. This stretch, which was built following the indigenous technique of "dry stone", must be done on foot.

Shortly before you reach the monastery, you will find another narrower path, the ' Camí dels ermitans ' (Hermitages’ path). We strongly recommend deviating momentarily from the main route and follow this path, as it will lead you to the Mirador de Molí Vell (Old’s Mill viewpoint). From this viewpoint, located next to the ruins of an old windmill, you can contemplate the best views of the entire excursion: both the coast of Pollença and the Formentor Peninsula.

After this small detour, you will take the main route that ends in the monastery of el Puig de María.


The monastery of el Puig de María

The monastery dates from the late 14th century and has an eminently Gothic style with a vault of pointed arches. The views from the monastery are also ones of the most impressive: being able to see from its site the whole way from Artá to Alcúdia.

Prepare your trainers. Just to contemplate such views, from a place as magical as the monastery of el Puig de María, you will feel that all the way up there has been worth it.


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