Renting a villa in Mallorca: The complete guide: How to choose your ideal villa in Mallorca?

June 18, 2017
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Choosing the perfect dates, the budget, the company, the airplane tickets, renting a car ... and the accommodation. Choosing the perfect accommodation is one of the most important tasks when planning your holidays. If you have chosen Mallorca as you holiday destination and you want to rent a villa in Mallorca, we present you with a guide of everything you need to know to have the best holidays of your life!

Why renting a villa in Mallorca?

Apartments, hotels, villas... there are many and different accommodation possibilities in Mallorca.

Renting a villa in Mallorca is one perfect solution for those who want to run away from noisy and crowded hotels. To spend your holidays in Mallorca only with the people you want in a unique environment is priceless and will make the difference between having a good holiday and an EXCELLENT holiday. There is nothing like spending your holidays in Mallorca and feel like home at the same time.

Where in Mallorca should I rent a villa?

Any part of Mallorca has a special charm, but, without a doubt, if you want to enjoy the island to its fullest, we recommend you to rent a villa in the north eastern side of Mallorca.

Why renting a villa in Pollença or Alcúdia?

Because it has a wide selection of houses that will pleasure any kind of traveller: villas with few rooms for a couple or a small family, to larger properties to host bigger families or group of friends.

To rent a villa in Alcúdia or Pollença guarantees you a 5-star holiday. All properties are carefully selected and have everything you need to enjoy to the maximum your stay in the island, matching your needs and budget.

Moreover, Pollença and Alcúdia have some of the best beaches of Mallorca and all kind of entertainment options for all ages. They are perfectly connected with the rest of the island and are part of the Serra de Tramuntana, awarded World Heritage by UNESCO. A complete luxury!

How do I choose the perfect villa in Mallorca?

Once you have chosen the perfect location, now you have to choose the type of villa you are interested in. You must have in mind some variables like: the season of the year, the people who will stay there and the special needs guests may have.

When should I enjoy my holidays in Mallorca?

Mallorca is a paradise. That is, without a doubt, one of the main reasons to choose Mallorca as a holiday destination. Its coast, its inner villages, the mountains, its weather, its gastronomy, etc., make Mallorca the ideal destiny for any season of the year. Whichever month you choose, Mallorca won’t disappoint you!

Renting a villa in Mallorca for my summer holidays

During summer, the island receives millions of tourist from around the world to enjoy its idyllic beaches and the good weather.

If you want to avoid too crowded hotels, renting a villa in Mallorca is the option you were looking for.

For the summer, we recommend you to rent a villa in Mallorca with the following characteristics:

  • With a swimming pool and a garden, where you will be able to enjoy games and dips any time of the day.
  • With air conditioning, this is mandatory to bear the hot summer weather.
  • With a barbecue. Can you imagine preparing a fun barbecue and then taking a dip into the swimming pool?

Renting a villa in Mallorca for my holidays in spring and autumn

Every year, summer in Mallorca is getting longer. Usually you can enjoy the good weather and take dips in the sea from May until October. Can’t beat that!

During autumn or spring you can enjoy Mallorca with a balmy weather and less people. It is the perfect season to combine beach and mountain and also to bicycle touring. If you like cycling, bicycles routes around the island may surprise you.

When renting a villa in Mallorca, make sure it has Internet and Satellite TV to enjoy the house or to rest and recover when it rains.

Renting a villa in Mallorca for my winter holidays

Winter in Mallorca is the ideal season to enjoy the inner villages, their gastronomy, sports, and long walks in the mountains and near the sea. You can also see the almond trees in bloom, a unique show in the Mediterranean Sea. Have in mind that temperatures decrease in Mallorca during winter, especially during night time, so it is essential to rent a villa with heating and thick walls to protect you from the cold weather. During winter you can forget about swimming pools, make sure the villa you rent is fully equipped.

Renting a villa is the perfect solution for the Mallorcan winter. Many hotels close during the winter season and in the villas you will feel like home

How many rooms should have the villa I rent?

The number of guests is important when choosing the perfect house. Make sure that everyone gets some space and privacy. Remember that holidays are meant to rest and have fun. Each of you has a different rhythm during holidays. It is not the same to share a small space during a weekend than during a fortnight or a month.

Special needs for the guests in a villa in Mallorca

If you travel with babies or kids, elder people or people with reduced mobility, do not forget to examine the descriptions of the villas to rent so you do not have any unpleasant surprise. If you have any doubt, before renting a villa in Mallorca, you should definitely ask your holiday rental agency any questions you may have. Better safe than sorry!

We are sure that if you follow these simple advices, you will get the villa in Mallorca you always dreamt about and you will have the best holidays of your life. When will you start searching?


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