A room with a view... to the pool

August 16, 2018
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Summer is here and with it the heat, especially if you have decided to travel to Majorca. The advantage of the island is that, due to its size, you will never have it too far to go from your holiday home in Majorca to the sea. However, having a private pool in your villa in Majorca is a luxury that will bring your vacation in Majorca to a new level.


A turquoise blue sea

The Majorca Mediterranean Sea is perfect for swimming. Thanks to its little waves and the pleasant temperature of its waters, it is a perfect sea to enjoy with your family. Above all we recommend to rent a villa in Majorca in the area of Pollensa. This area is known for the effect of their algae, more specifically known as the posidonia. The sea has a transparency and a beautiful turquoise colour which seems almost unreal. The area of Pollensa, in addition to its incredible landscapes, is an area that combines tranquility with the most exclusive and fashionable areas at the same time.


Better the summer with swimming pool

Although its wonderful sea is one of the reasons why many people decide to travel to Majorca, we can not neglect the advantages and the luxury provided by having as well as a private swimming pool at our villa in Majorca.

First of all, by close that our villa in Majorca is to the beach, the pool will be always more. The comfort to relax in your house and to be able to take a dip at any time, is something that no beach can offer us. In addition to that we don't have to worry about anyone and we can enjoy it without discomfort, thus preventing the overcrowding of the beaches.

Guaranteed fun for the children, and as well for the not so young ones.If you are going to spend your holidays in Majorca with your family, a pool is a source of never ending entertainment for the smallest members of the house. They can play all you want and with the comfort of having them at all times controlled.

You can also organize your small parties and barbecues around the pool. Nothing feels better than taking a dip when the heat is at its top level, while you are eating something with your friends or family.


So, by very close your holiday home in Majorca might be to the beach  - and in Sealand Villas we actually have villas very close to the sea - we recommend that, if you are going to travel to Majorca in times of heat, always to choose a villa with a private pool for your vacation.


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