Sa Calobra, a hidden paradise in Mallorca

June 29, 2016
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When we talk about Sa Calobra we are talking about Mallorca. Sa Calobra is a magnificent little beach with extraordinary views. It is located in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana and it is basically the river mouth of the Pareis Torrent, where during years and years of water passing through it, this little beach was created. But Sa Calobra isn't just a beach, it's more than that.

The most beautiful part of this place is everything that surrounds the beach. There are only 2 ways of getting to the beach, by road or by sea. Driving down to the beach you must use a road from which the views are simply spectacular as the road is right on the mountainside and during the descent we will be able to enjoy the cliffs and the flora. The journey, which is a total of 12 curvy kilometres indicates how deep this beach is.

Sa Calobra can't be considered just like any other beach, it has something special and peculiar. Many tourists consider it one of the best places in the Balearic Islands as it forms a perfect duo together with the Pareis Torrent. It combines the beach with the mountain, two very contradictive terms but that are practically synonyms in Sa Calobra. One of the biggest attractions of this beach is that in order to get to it you must walk through a long tunnel. Many concerts are held here, thanks to its fame and its great natural acoustic, like the "Sa Calobra Concert" which is held every year in August.

Sa Calobra is a paradise both for those who love the sea and for those who love nature. Already the curves that link us to the sea make us feel like we are in a different place. Everything that you see around looks like a dream. It's a marvellous view and your eyes won't be able to keep up with all the beauty that they are seeing. Those of us that have had the sensation that we have never lived anything like this before know that it's the same sensation of being in Sa Calobra, a place that will trap you by its mountains and its waves. You will get the feeling that you are nothing compared to its big cliffs of over 200m high and you will probably want to go back after living this unique experience. A spectacular place for many and incognito for all.

¡Enjoy Mallorca at 100%!


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