The secret of the crystal clear waters of Majorca

February 28, 2018
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Those who have decided to enjoy a holiday in Majorca for the first time are often fascinated by the beauty of its crystal clear turquoise waters. Although it seems to be unreal, this transparency is not magic, as it can be justified with a very specific scientific explanation.


The secret is in the algae

And more specifically in the posidonia. Posidonia is a natural aquatic plant of the Mediterranean, similar to terrestrial plants, which produces a fruit commonly known as sea olives. Although it is an aquatic plant of the Mediterranean, the posidonia can only be found in very specific areas of this sea. So, those who choose to rent a villa in Majorca, will be of the few fortunate to enjoy this wonder of water when they go to the beach.


What’s about the posidonia?

Posidonia is a marine plant characterized by generating large amounts of oxygen, while they absorb carbon from the atmosphere. But their ecological importance is not limited to filter impurities from the water, the posidonia also helps to generate that stunning white and fine sand beaches of Majorca. They also act as natural reefs, weakening the force of the waves, and serve as a perfect habitat to many species of fish.

In 2006 a posidonia plant was discovered between the islands of Formentera and Ibiza. With a total lenght of about 8km and with an estimated age of 100,000 years. Which makes it one of the largest and most long-lived world living organisms.

The importance and magnificence of this plant is such that there is even a route of the posidonia for the most prominent sites of the posidonia in Majorca, called “ruta de la posidonia”.  The route, which can be discovered and enjoyed throughout the year, begins in the port of Formentera and covers about 10 km walk, most of the walk on the fine sand beach, within the Natural Park of Ses Salines. One important point, this route of the posidonia is non-immersed in the water, although the best way to appreciate these algae is diving. A highly recommended activity over all for the ecology lovers who decide to travel to Majorca.

Such is its importance that, in 1999, it has been named world heritage by the Unesco.


So, while you’re enjoying the stunning view of that amazing transparent sea, either from the beach or from your villa in Majorca, you now already know it, the secret is in the algae.


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