February 24, 2015
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Majorca offers numerous places to discover, surprising visitors not only for the wonderful surroundings in which they are located, but also for their enormous historical value.

The Necropolis of Son Real is, undoubtedly, one of those treasures worth visiting. We recommend a simple excursion to explore this splendid open-air museum, consisting of a set of funerary constructions from the Talayotic period.

Located on the beach of Son Bauló, the remains of these ancient constructions form a magical site facing the sea, in an unspoilt coastal area of ​​great ecological value.

It is of easy access: head to the north of Majorca, specifically, to the beach of Can Picafort and from there, locate the Son Bauló Torrent. If you follow the coastline, after approximately one kilometre (a lovely 20 minute walk), you will find this site dating from the seventh century B.C.

The funerary remains are composed of the Punta Fenicis graves, a dolmen and several artificial caves. The various archaeological excavations that have explored the area have been finding material remains of great importance, such as weapons, jewellery, trousseau items, etc., shining a light on the life of the island's first settlers.

They have also identified curious details that reflect the beliefs of the time, such as small holes made in tombs, intended to allow the "exit of the souls" of the dead.

This area is definitely worth a visit, and it can be combined with a marvellous day on any stretch of the paradise beach that runs along the north of Majorca: from Pollença to Can Picafort.

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