April 02, 2015
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Nature is always surprising and offers us places and spectacles of magical wonder. Without a doubt, "Ses Fonts Ufanes" are an example of a combination of natural beauty and marvel. Spontaneously, in times of heavy rain, water sprouts from the ground forming a river, ephemeral but impressive nevertheless. The duration of this natural event does not exceed a few days, but it has been calculated that up 100,000 litres of water per second emerge from the earth.

This marvel of nature occurs in the centre of the island, in the minicipality of Campanet, approximately 20 km from Pollensa. If you decide to stay in one of our villas and lucky to be here when this phenomenom occurs, "Ses Fonts Ufanes" is a mandatory excursion. You can enjoy one of the special and romantic settings on the island of Majorca, and only 25 minutes from your relaxing haven.

The gushing water partly feeds the Pla de Sa Pobla aquifer, as well as L'Albufera in Alcudia. The spectacular nature of these sources has made them very well known on the island. The points where these sources are born always attracts a great influx of spectators eager this natural phenomenom.

"Ses Fonts Ufanes" are the Balearic Islands' first protected Natural Monument. The Decree that declared les fonts as a natural monument was signed in the Governing Council meeting on the 31st of August, 2001.

The purpose of this declaration is to contribute to the conservation of natural ecosystems and to ensure their permanence; planning a sustainable use of water resources and preserving the wonderful landscape value of the natural monument and this associated ecosystem.

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