Sineu: In the heart of Majorca

October 30, 2017
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This village belongs to the Pla de Mallorca and is located in the centre of the island, so wherever it is, it is close to your villa in Majorca. Its orography is basically flat, with the exception of two mountains of little more than 200 meters of height. This feature of the area is no surprise if you know that Pla means flat.



Sineu has been inhabited since the prehistory, as corroborated by the archaeological remains of talaiots, small constructions with the shape of T, which have been found in different locations in the area. In addition, the place has also been inhabited by Romans and Arabs. Both cultures have left a clear imprint on both their agriculture and their architecture.

During the Middle Ages, its famous church, the most characteristic historical building of Sineu, and its market were built, which continues to be held today, is one of the greatest tourist attractions for those who decide to travel to Majorca.


The Church of Sineu

The parish church of Santa Maria de Sineu is already documented in 1248, in a bull of Pope Innocent IV. However, because of a serious fire in 1505, it had to be rebuilt maintaining the Gothic style of the previous one.

The other significant change that the church underwent took place at the end of the 19th century, during which some enlargement works were carried out which provided a headboard, a new transept and a large starry octagonal cupola.

The church has been recently restored to regain its past splendour, so it was closed for many years. Today you can visit its interior and enjoy all its beauty recovered thanks to an impeccable restoration.


Next to the church you can visit, during the market days, a small museum of medieval ceramics. Besides, in front of the church, you have the copper sculpture of "The Lion". A monument of a lion with wings, the symbol of San Marcos, on whose legs there is the coat of Sineu. San Marcos is so tied to the area that it is its patron, its festivities are held on April 25th, and the farmers pray to him for rains for their crops.

In addition to the Church of Sineu, it is important to highlight the baroque-style convent Jesús María, founded in the 17th century, although in the 18th century underwent important renovations, for example its impressive cloister was built.

But Sineu is more than a few buildings. It is a village that is worth visiting with time enjoying its streets, its old wells, characteristic windmills and, the days in which it is held, to be lost in its market full of life and tradition. A delicious visit you will not forget during your holiday in Majorca.


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