July 24, 2015
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Sobrasada sausage is the Balearic Islands’ cold meat par excellence. The main ingredients of this delicious treat are pork, salt, paprika and black pepper. And of course, all the products used are from the island of Mallorca.

This product is protected by a denomination of origin seal (name used to designate a product having a specific geographical origin and whose quality is determined by that place of origin).

Sobrasada can be eaten in different ways: raw and spread on bread, fried or roasted, and as an ingredient in the preparation of a variety of traditional Mallorcan recipes.

The two most common types of sobrasada are the one made with Balearic black pig (a local breed raised outside, with a diet based on figs and carob, supplemented with grains and legumes) and the one made with white pig.

During your stay in a Sealand Villa in Mallorca, be sure to try this delicious product in any bar or restaurant, or buy some in a market in the area and prepare it to your liking.

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