Sóller: Train, Tram and Oranges

March 30, 2020
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Sóller is one of the most charming towns in Mallorca and one of the most popular among tourists. Surrounded by the Tramuntana mountain range, it is also called The Valley of the Oranges. The Town of Sóller, is definitely one of those places, you shouldn’t miss during your holiday on the island.

The Valley of the Oranges

Sóller’s Train - the best way to get there

Although there are numerous buses that stop at Sóller and easy access by car as well, what we really recommend is to take a Soller train from Palma.

What is so special about this train ride?

The construction of the whole of Sóller’s train infrastructure dates back to 1907, and the official inauguration was held on April 16th, 1912. It exists thanks to the imagination of a Sóller neighbor called Jerónimo Estades, who acted as spokesman of all the Sollerics who requested better communications with Palma, due to the difficulty of travelling with their carriages through the Coll de Sóller.

Palma - Soller Train

The experience to get to the town in the train has been described by multiple travelers as like time travel. The jolting of the wagons over the rails, the tunnels and the smell of the perfectly conserved wood cars, which gives this train its stately appearance, will take you back in time.

Another point that makes this journey so attractive, is the journey itself, through natural landscapes of breathtaking beauty, that highlights the spectacular Orange Valley.

The whole journey, which includes a stop at Bunyola will cost 18€. It is also possible to purchase a combined ticket with which you will be able to travel to Port de Sóller and get back to Palma for 32€.

You can check the timetable and all price option at the official website of the tren de sóller.

Things to do in Sóller

Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza de la Constitución is the heart of Sóller and the image that comes to mind when we think of Sóller. In this square filled with cafes, which is crossed by the tram, lies the Church of Sant Bartomeu, the most emblematic building of Sóller.

Plaza Soller

The Church of Sant Bartomeu combines different styles such as Baroque, Gothic and modernist. This mixture of styles gives this church a charisma and personality that makes it stand above other churches. To enter you only have to pay € 1 by way of a donation.

If you want to rest a while, this square is a perfect place to take an orange juice or an ice cream. Oranges and lemons are very typical products of the area. Sitting on a bench in the shade of the trees or on a terrace of the many cafés that exist on the square you can enjoy a truly magic atmosphere.

Can Prunera

Can Prunera is the Museum of modern art in which we can admire works by authors such as Kandinsky, Picasso or Warhol. But this museum is not only worth a visit to see the works inside, but also for the building itself. A monumental building of Art Nouveau style is three stories high and perfectly restored to maintain its original splendor. The visit costs €5 and remember to visit it early because this Museum closes at 18 h.

In addition to this museum it is also worth visiting the Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences and the Botanical Garden, which contains a wide variety of native plants. Both situated at a short distance from the Centre.

Sóller Market

Held only on Saturday, a day in which the town is flooded with the hustle and bustle that occurs among merchants and shoppers. In this market you will find items as diverse as food, decorative products, local art and even hand painted furniture.

Don’t forget to take a look on the bank building

The current Santander Bank, located in Plaza de la Constitució, 21 is on the same place where the Banco de Sóller used to be.

Bank Soller Building

Built in 1889, it’s the masterpiece of architect Joan Rubió i Bellver, who was also in charge of designing the facade of the parish church of Sóller (which is situated next to the Bank). The style is based on Catalán Modernism, with noble and beautiful references to its maximum exponent, the master Gaudí. As you will be able to check, the architectonic style is of supreme beauty, and together with the shade that the multiple trees of the plaza give, it makes this place look magical.

Restaurants in Sóller

We suggest you to visit one of the best restaurants in Sóller. We are talking about Ca’n Boqueta, whose literal translation would be “small mouth’s house”. It is located in an old mallorquin house with its typical high ceilings and stone walls. Before anything else, be sure to have a table booked as soon as you get to Sóller. The place isn’t very big and we wouldn’t like you to miss this experience by not planning ahead.

The cuisine is traditional Mediterranean with an innovative touch and, even though you could think that it is a sophisticated and very expensive place, you will find out that it isn’t that expensive and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Port of Sóller

One of the main advantages of Sóller is that it has a beach. Port de Sóller is situated about 5 km from Sóller. To get there, we recommend using the tram to Sóller, also made of wood and to which the planters of electric trams in Palma de Majorca have been added in 1953. The Sóller tram travel also stands out for its spectacular views to the sea.

Port de Soller

The port offers two beaches to choose from: ‘d'en Repic’ and ‘des Traves’. Although the second is closer to the port area, and even passes behind the tram, we recommend the beach ‘d'en Repic’ with its golden sand. One of those beaches for which people decide to travel to Majorca.

At the port you can find boat trips to Sa Calobra, which could be a good opportunity to visit the Torrent de Pareis. The Torrent can also be reached by driving on a road full of curves, not suitable for those who easily get giddy!

At the port you can find the Museum of the sea, in which will be explained the area's maritime history. In addition to the Museum, located in a former monastery, both panoramas, of the port and of the coast, must be seen.

Restaurants in Port de Sóller

Once we discover the magic of Port de Sóller, we can go one step further and we will go up to what most travelers call the mallorquin nirvana. We are going to the lookout restaurant Es Faro, located on top of the port’s road in Cap Gros de Moleta.

At Es Faro we will be able to enjoy a seafood and fish dinner, which is the most typical food from the port and Sóller itself (this part of the island is famous for the fish that they catch) all with very impressive views. Beneath our feet, the sea.  There are no words to describe this, so we strongly suggest to not miss it.

Soller Narrow Street

Outside these specific places where everybody visits, you should not miss strolling through the narrow streets of Sóller. Streets in which you will discover many beautiful and magical places that make it one of the main reasons why it is really worth travelling to Sóller in Majorca.

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