Sporty holidays in Majorca

April 29, 2017
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Travelling to Majorca does not necessarily mean to spend the whole day knocked down sunbathing or resting in your villa in Majorca. The island offers all kinds of activities for you to keep fit.


Aquatic sports in Majorca

Besides some lengths in the swimming pool of your holiday house in Majorca, the island will allow you to practice many different aquatic activities in its crystal sea.

Scuba diving: travelling to Majorca is the perfect excuse to enjoy its impressive sea beds ─by diving or snorkelling─ and its diverse fauna: octopuses, morays, lobsters, seahorses, etc.

“Ahoy there!” : during your holidays in Majorca, you will also have the possibility of renting a ship and become a complete sailor. The island has many boats at your disposal: yachts, catamarans and sailboats in order for you to see its coast and do what you please: to sunbathe, host a party, fishing, plunging in its crystalline waters and avoiding the crowded beaches, etc.

For the most active travellers: for those who do not want to spend the day inside their villa, you will be able to practice all kinds of risky activities: windsurfing, kite surf, flies board, water motorcycle or waterskiing, rowing in a kayak, etc.


Sports in Majorca, also on the ground

For those who love motor sports: you will be able to rent all kinds of vehicles; from karts and quads to jeeps, buggies and off-road vehicles; even you will be able to drive a Formula Junior car.

Up to where your legs take you: Majorca is a place o keep in mind for cycling lovers since there is a great amount of routes ─plain and mountain─ thought to be crossed by bicycle. But for those who prefer to hike or to run, you don’t have to feel discriminated, since the island also is riddled with routes for hiking.

For sport lovers: Majorca has at your disposal football fields, basketball courts, tennis and paddle tennis courts, golf courses, etc.


Majorca, from a bird’s eye view

To contemplate the beauty of Majorca from an unusual perspective, those who visit the island have the option to rent a flight in helicopter or in light aircraft. But, if you are already tired from flights, like the one you took to arrive to Majorca, you can choose a relaxing balloon ride. You will enjoy the sights of the island calmly.

By land, sea or air, come to Majorca. You won’t regret it!


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