A subterranean visit to Genova

May 16, 2016
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Some people say that it isn’t necessary to travel long distances to admire beautiful treasures, and whoever said this phrase knew Mallorca and its hidden treasures for sure. Mallorca has multiple subterranean caves, 2 of the most well known, the Hams caves and the Drach caves, are located one hour away from Palma by car. Today we would like to suggest a plan that isn’t regular. We propose to visit the Genova caves, which aren’t as famous as the ones mentioned previously but have nothing to envy from them.

Our visit starts with the curious story about these caves, which were discovered by chance while some builders were making a well. The guide will tell you the whole story. Most visitors say that he is a real eminence in historical details.

The caves are located in the residential area of Genova, which belongs to West district. Genova is a locality very well known for having the best typical mallorquin restaurants on the island. So, as well as visiting the caves, we suggest you to have a look at the different restaurants and whichever you choose will offer you an amazing mallorquin dish.

Back to the caves. These have a route by foot of about 1km which is done in about 20min. You will descend about 36m. If you are a person that gets easily overwhelmed, take a deep breath because it is worth it.

It isn’t necessary for us to describe the sensations that you will experiment once you are down there and surrounded by such natural beauty. All the travelers that have visited the caves agree that it gives you a sense of greatness. The whimsical forms that erosion and water filtrations have formed are now like natural art pieces that look like they have been created on purpose.

The visit will be done in groups of maximum 25 perople, and is known for its familiar and didactic atmosphere. It counts with a parking and a restaurant as well as a bus stop not far from there.

On high season it is open from 10:30 - 13:30 and from 16:00 – 18:30.

The prices are: Children 4€, Adults 8€.

We suggest you to visit the restaurant in the caves, called Ses Coves, whose specialty is Catalan cuisine. Some travelers say they have been able to visit the caves after dinner.

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