Sweeten your holidays in Majorca

August 04, 2018
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The gastronomy is one of the strong points of the island, and between its numerous dishes, the desserts are outstanding. Below we will introduce to you five of the most popular desserts that you should not miss during your holidays in Majorca.


1. Ensaimada

Probably the best known and traditional dessert on the island, but no less delicious. When you land at the airport of Palma you will see lots of people charging cardboard boxes which are subject by a string. This are boxes of ensaimadas.

The Ensaimada buns are made of a soft mass, circular-shaped, baked and dusted with icing sugar. That’s the most common model and why it is called plain ensaimada. another more traditional model is the ensaimada filled with pumpkin. The plain ensaimada and the one filled with pumpkin are the most typical ensaimadas, but there are plenty of possible fillers: cream, whipped cream, chocolate, apricots, figs and even sobrasada. The Sobrasada is a raw cured sausage,made from a selection of pig meat, seasoned with paprika.

Our recommendation is that you take one to your villa in Majorca to enjoy it during the breakfast.


2. Cremadillo

The Cremadillo is another very traditional Majorcan dessert, although not as known as the ensaimada. The cremadillos are a kind of pies, half moon shaped, made of puff pastry filled with almost anything you can imagine: cream, jam, chocolate,... It's a dessert highly recommended for the most sweet dessert lovers, since they are on the top covered with baked sugar.


3. Coca de patata

A visit to Valldemossa will not be complete if you have not tried their typical coca de patata. It's a very fluffy bun, baked and usually sprinkled with powdered sugar, for whose preparation is used as ingredient mash potatoes, hence the name. There are different varieties, like for example made of apricots. Although the ones made in Valldemossa are the best-known of Mallorca, you can find this dessert all over the island, so you have no excuse to not test them.


4. Gató de almendras

It is a sponge cake made with slivered almonds. It is usual to enjoy it accompanied by ice cream, for example Almond Ice cream to enhance the flavor. If you have decided to travel to Majorca in summer, do not miss the opportunity to refresh yourself with ice cream and ‘granizado de almendra’. That’s a natural almond iced soft drink.


5. Duquesas

This is a dessert that cheese lovers should not miss since they consist of some cottage cheese puffs. It's a quite heavy dessert, because in addition to cottage cheese they are made based on butter, so if you need to satisfy your hunger, it is your dessert.


An advantage is that all of them can be purchased in individual portions, so you can take an assortment to your villa in Majorca to sweeten your breakfast and desserts.


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