Teguise, another kind of town in Lanzarote (2/2)

November 05, 2018
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In the previous part of the article we shell out the places that every visitor who decides to travel to Lanzarote should visit within the town of Teguise.

But the majority of tourists who decide to spend their holidays in Lanzarote do so in search of the sun and the good weather. Thus, its beaches determine to a large extent the area to choose to rent a villa in Lanzarote, and, in a matter of beaches, Teguise, with its more than 15 beaches of different compositions, goes more than well assorted.


Playa de Famara

This majestic beach, the largest in Lanzarote, with more than 6 kilometres in length, is sheltered by a mountainous cliff of the same name. of fine sand and toast, the beach of Famara is characterized by that it tends to have waves and wind, which is ideal for the practice of sports like surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing or bodyboarding.

It is also frequent to see the deltas and paragliders of people who throw themselves from the top of the cliff to fly over the area of the beach.

You can say that there are two Famara beaches, one with sea and another with low tide, but both equally impressive. Lovers of photography should not miss the low tide because in the sand are formed large puddles, shallow and calm water, which reflects both the sun and the walls of the cliff; Perfect conditions to take photos like postcard.


Playa de los Charcos

This beach, almost joined to the previous one, about 300 meters in length of fine white sand is characterized by the tranquility of its waters, due to the breakwaters built in it to protect it from thestrong swell. It has a anchorage area and a promenade.


Playa de El Jablillo

Playa del Jablillo is a beach of 150 meters of fine sand ideal for the whole family, adapted like that of the cockroaches and with breakwater like that of the puddles.


We could name many more like the beach of El Bastian, the beach of Caleta Caballo or the cove of La Caleta but you better discover them making a trip every day from your holiday home in Lanzarote.


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