The Three Wise Men are coming to your villa in Mallorca

January 02, 2017
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It is common to hear that Spain is different and if you decide to travel to Mallorca in January, you can see it for yourself.


In Mallorca, Christmas season doesn’t end on January 1st

In Mallorca, and the rest of Spain, Christmas lasts until January 6th. On this day, children get up early to see the presents that the Three Wise Men have left them. Traditionally in Spain, presents are given not by Santa Claus but by the Three Wise Men from the East: Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar. Nowadays it is common to receive presents on both dates, kids love that! But first things first.


The Three Wise Men’s Cavalcade in Mallorca

If you are on holidays in Mallorca on January 5th, you can see the Three Wise Men’s Cavalcade where the Three Kings parade on horses, carriages or even on camels through the main streets accompanied by their pages who throw sweet treats to the children. Besides the Kings, it is also common to see different kind of carriages, usually related to characters from cartoons, movies, etc.

In Mallorca, before going into bed, children usually leave food for the Kings, so they can recover and keep giving presents during the night. Children don’t forget about the Majesties’ camels and leave some water for them to drink. If you are spending your holidays in a villa in Mallorca during this season, don’t forget putting your shoes near the window so that you can get some presents too! Maybe you want another holidays in Mallorca?


Have you been a good kid?

The morning after, kids get up early to see what presents the Three Wise Men have left them next to their shoes. If they have been good kids, they will receive presents. If they have misbehaved, they will receive coal. It is not real coal, it is a sweet treat shaped like coal. Once they have opened their presents, children go outside to play and show off their presents. But before all that, to recover from the emotion, you eat Roscón (Kings’ cake) for breakfast.


May you have luck and don’t get the bean.

The Roscón is the traditional cake of this day. It is a ring-shaped cake, garnished with candied fruit. It can be filled with whipped cream or cream and hidden inside you can find a little figure or a bean. If you find the little figure in your slice of cake, you are crowned king or queen. If you find the bean, you will have to pay the Roscón.

Now you know: spending your holidays in Mallorca during January can bring presents and fun days for everyone. So now you want to book your villa in Mallorca, right?

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