The 3 works of César Manrique that you should not miss on your visit to Lanzarote

June 15, 2019
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If you have not yet travelled to Lanzarote it would not be weird if this name didn’t ring a bell., although we are dealing with one of the key figures in the history of the island. If you have already enjoyed a holiday on Lanzarote, it is highly unlikely that you will not have heard of his name or that you have not seen one of his works.


Who is César Manrique?

César Manrique was a multidisciplinary artist who was born and died on the island of Lanzarote last century. This painter, sculptor and artist in general was characterized by his continuous search for harmony between nature and art, using his native Lanzarote as the frame for his work. His influence on the island has been definitive and many of the “obligatory”visits that should be made by all tourists who decide to travel to Lanzarote, are his works.


What are his main works?

In addition to enjoying the beaches, the comfort of your villa in Lanzarote or the island’s food, to name but three things, you should visit at least these works by César Manrique.


Jameos del Agua

The word jameo refers to a volcanic tunnel, originated at the time by the passage of lava, which has been naturally detached from the top. Taking advantage of this natural geographical feature, César Manrique creates a unique architectural space in which he harmonizes the three jameos - El Chico, El Grande and La Cazuela- with the construction of an auditorium with capacity for 600 people or a swimming pool surrounded by an impressive garden. The jameos are also of great importance from an ecological perspective as they provide habitat for a unique species such as blind crabs.

In the same tunnel is located the Cave of the Greens. Another of those places that are well worth the trip from your holiday home in Lanzarote.


Mirador del Río / River’s viewpoint

Probably the best viewpoint on Lanzarote and another example of how César Manrique perfectly integrated architecture and nature. Located to the north of the island, this viewpoint was excavated in the stone of a cliff.

It has a restaurant with windows and terraces in which to have a drink. In the opinion of a great majority, here you have the best views of the island.


Jardín de Cactus / Cactus Garden

This is the artist’s latest contribution to the island, recovering an area that had become a rubbish dump. The chromatic mixture of the green of the cactus, with the black of the rock of the volcanoes and the blue sky forms an impressive combination and is full of contrasts.


Although we could mention many more works, we will limit ourselves to mentioning before finishing the Taro of Tahíche. His house, and current headquarters of his foundation, built taking advantage of the natural space, of course, five volcanic bubbles.


Are you ready to travel to Lanzarote and discover the work of César Manrique?


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