The Timanfaya National Park

April 04, 2018
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During your holiday in Lanzarote you should not miss a visit to the National Park of Timanfaya.


The origin of the park

The Timanfaya Park was declared a national park in 1974 and occupies an area of more than 50 km². The Park is the fourth most visited of Spain, which is proven that it is a must-see for anyone who decides to visit Lanzarote.

We are faced with an eminently geological park of volcanic origin, which was formed from eruptions, occurred between 1730 and 1736 and 1824. All these volcanic eruptions shaped the extraordinary current appearance of its geomorphological structures. Colors red, black and orange, with the silhouette of the volcanoes and the rugged coastline give the Park a stunning beauty.


What to see in the Natural Park of Timanfaya

The best way to approach the Park from your villa in Tenerife is by car.

If the visit will only be a day, our recommendation is to start by the fire mountains. The fire mountains tour begins on the Islote de Hilario, where we climb to a “guagua”, which is the term used to refer to the bus in the Canary Islands. This guided tour will travel approximately 14 km to show us some of the most amazing lava formations in the Park. The price of the guided tour is included in the price of the ticket that we would have paid at the Cultural Center and tourist mountains of fire.


If you spare time, or if you visit the Park several days of your holiday in Lanzarote, the Park offers other routes:

Camel trekking route:

For 20 minutes we can ride on the back of a Dromedary a path by the southern slopes of the mountains of Timanfaya. We will also have the opportunity to purchase a souvenir of our trip by camel photo.

Route Termesa:

Guided tour, about 4 km long, roundtrip by walk. The difficulty of this tour is minimal, but please remember, that to make this route, you have to contact before the central of reservations of the Park. During the three hours that will last the trip, the guide will inform us about the most interesting geomorphological structures and other facts of the Park.

The coastal route:

As its name suggests, this route will be along the coast. There are two modalities.

-Short route: guided tour of 2 km and with low difficulty.

-Long route: its length is 9km with what the difficulty is greater than the former. Unlike the short route this route may also be free-form. For those who prefer to explore it with guide, they should also please contact the reservation center.


If you have decided to rent a villa in Lanzarote, remember to spend at least one day at the Timanfaya National Park.


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